All-in-One Academics is a Houston-based, comprehensive college admissions and tutoring company.  We also provide standardized test preparation courses and have written several books geared toward high school students making college admissions decisions. Here is a brief rundown of some of our main services, click on each title for more information:

Summer College Application Crash Courses:

Imagine starting senior year with your college applications already completed. With our Crash Courses, you can!

Individual College Application Assistance:

We work with families individually on all aspects of college applications and tailor our assistance to the needs of the student.

College Admissions Consultations:

Get an edge on college admissions by starting early – we’ll work with you and your family to discuss future plans.

Academic Tutoring:

Whether preparing for an exam or just keeping up with a heavy course load, we have fantastic tutors ready to help.

Individual Standardized Test Prep:

We offer individual standardized test prep – we’ve even written our own materials called “Turn the Tables on the Test Makers,” which resulted from a think-tank operation by three veteran test prep instructors.

Applying to college is a daunting process. But, take heart – it doesn’t have to be.

Our All-in-One Academics Workbooks have been designed to alleviate stress, bolster students’ chances of identifying the college of their choice, and ensure that students’ applications make a memorable impression.

Our one-of-a-kind workbooks and expert instruction will guide students from start to finish through the entire college applications process. At All-in-One Academics, we don’t believe in settling for anything but the best.

The exercises within the workbooks force students to take ownership of the process, requiring that they research and contact schools directly to ask questions. The interactive workbook approach pushes students to take the initiative and  find their match.

The materials deal with both two-year and four-year educational options.

Starting as early as Sophomore year, the Exploration Workbook gives students the tools to begin the college search process and helps students develop a vision of their path to the future.

The Application Workbook is a comprehensive roadmap for Seniors to follow while they are applying to colleges and universities.  They may track and organize all of their college application details within this one workbook.  It is the only go-to organizational material they will need from the start of their applications, all the way up to their final selection, addressing every component of the process (e.g. transcripts, test requirements, letters, essays, etc.)

This program is the only comprehensive college admissions workbook available to schools in Texas.

“It was more entertaining than just reading a bunch of words from a textbook.  The workbooks made the class a lot more fun because everyone had different answers and we helped each other with the exercises.  I applied to schools I never considered before the class, and I’m so thankful that they pushed me to look into them.”

-Quintin V. (Univ. of Notre Dame)
Awarded $38,000/year scholarship

Both the Exploration and Application Workbooks provide an affordable enhancement to any school district’s current college readiness program and do not necessitate the overhaul of any existing programs or the addition of any new faculty.

It is truly a public, equal access program, designed and updated to address the needs of students from all walks of life, with all types of goals.

It is not a reference book or glossary, but rather an exercise driven program that forces the student to ask real questions.

Our recent course participants have reported 100% satisfaction, with the interactive exercises topping the list of their favorite things regarding the course.