About Us

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All-in-One Academics is a Houston-based, comprehensive college admissions and tutoring company.  We also provide standardized test preparation courses and have written several books geared toward high school students making college admissions decisions. Here is a brief rundown of some of our main services, click on each title for more information:

Summer College Application Crash Courses: Imagine starting senior year with your college applications already completed. With our Crash Courses, you can!

Individual College Application Assistance: We work with families individually on all aspects of college applications and tailor our assistance to the needs of the student.

College Admissions Consultations: Get an edge on college admissions by starting early – we’ll work with you and your family to discuss future plans.

Academic Tutoring: Whether preparing for an exam or just keeping up with a heavy course load, we have fantastic tutors ready to help.

Individual Standardized Test Prep: We offer individual standardized test prep – we’ve even written our own materials called “Turn the Tables on the Test Makers,” which resulted from a think-tank operation by three veteran test prep instructors.

Thank you for your interest in All-in-One Academics – click around to learn a little more about us and if you’d like to reach out, send a note to info@allinoneacademics.com or give us a call at 713-405-1193. We look forward to hearing from you!