Platinum Summer College Application Crash Course

For those students seeking the complete package

Our Platinum Summer College Application Crash Course gives students the chance to complete the bulk of their college applications with expert guidance in a fun, inspiring setting over the course of 5 days during the summer before senior year. With small class sizes,  parental communication, and follow-up consultations in the fall, students come away ready to jump into their senior year without the typical stresses that college applications bring. In a comfortable setting with several other like-minded students, the Platinum Crash Course allows us to tailor our approach to meet each individual student’s needs. We will make sure that all of the application bases are covered and July and August students will even be able to click “Submit” by the end of the course.*

Hear from Parents About the Course


How It Works

We will send materials to you three weeks before the start of class, so that your child can start brainstorming topics and jotting down activities to put on the resume, but we will do the bulk of the writing during the class periods.

For the two courses that finish in the month of July, we will have a short day Friday and schedule a Saturday follow-up to complete the applications. Since the Common App is released on August 1st, we will work with students on filling out the applications online and finalizing their apps so they will be ready to click submit. You can select which Saturday is best for your schedule when you register for the course.

At the end of the course, students will have completed all but the supplements for the Common Application. We can’t do those in class because everyone has different supplement topics, and most of them are not released until well after the Common Application and ApplyTexas application are ready for submission. However, since those supplements are extremely important, we can follow up with our Platinum Course participants via private meetings during the fall semester to check on their progress.

What Happens During Class

We will start with small-group discussions, reviewing student experiences and getting to know participants’ strengths and weaknesses. Each day, we will tackle a different part of the application puzzle, beginning with student resumes and ending with the applications themselves. During the course, we will teach students about the different components of the application and coach them on how to go about obtaining the required supporting documents (recommendations, transcripts, scores, etc.), so that they leave prepared to approach their counselors and teachers early.

In the evenings, our instructors will edit student resumes and exchange ideas about student essays. While Platinum Course students may have some assignments to complete on their own, they will be helping to free up countless hours in the fall!

We will begin each day with breakfast and a discussion about the day’s work. Then, we will work until 12:00, brainstorming and formulating outlines, when we will take an hour lunch break and allow their brains to decompress. Then, from 1:00 to 4:00, we will work on drafts, which our instructors will edit in the evenings.

Dates and Times for Summer 2024

July 29th – August 2nd (Mon. – Fri.) **FULL**
August 4th – August 8th (Sun. – Thurs.) **1 spot left**


Cost: $8,195


For more information or questions, please contact us at 713-405-1193.
Due to our high call volume, please allow up to 48-72 hours for one of our team members to get back to you.
We try to get to each and every person who calls as quickly as possible, in the order that each phone call is received.
Thank you for understanding!