Individual College Application Assistance

We know that the college application process is a hectic and stressful time for families – and we strive to make things easier for you – and to help you get into the college of your dreams.  Students no longer just fill out a form – they put together a portfolio of essays, resumes, and recommendations that is supposed to present a compelling and cohesive picture of the impact they’ll make at their colleges of choice.  To say this is no small task is the understatement of the century.

We work with families on all aspects of the process – from narrowing down a list of schools with the best chances for success, to following up with thank you letters for recommenders – and everything in between including their resume, essays, supplemental essays, interview coaching, and online application reviews. In addition to our summertime crash courses, we also work individually with students. Currently, we’re only doing individual meetings via Zoom, but we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and modify our plans.

We offer two levels of individual assistance, Gold and Silver. Both are run by experienced writing professionals who are highly trained and determined to highlight our students’ strengths.

Gold Package Includes

One-on-One Hours: 15, working directly with the most experienced staff members

Remote Editing Hours: 4

Essay Edits: 3

Estimated Elements to be Completed*: 1 Resume, 1: 650-800 Word Main Essay, 5-6 Short Answers/Supplement Essay (2500-3000 words total)

Cost: $6,595

Silver Package Includes

One-on-One Hours: 12, with one of our awesome, trained consultants

Remote Editing Hours: 4

Essay Edits: 3

Estimated Elements to be Completed*: 1 Resume, 1 : 650-800 Word Main Essay, 3-4 Short Answers/Supplement Essay (1500-2000 words total)

Cost: $3,695

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*Estimated elements reflect what we would expect to complete in that amount of time based on our experience, but, it can differ from student to student. This is intended as a rough guide as to figuring out which package is best for you. Additional, a la carte hours can be purchased if needed upon completion of the package.

Please note that these packages must be paid for in full up front. If a session is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, the student will forfeit one hour of one-on-one time.

Assistance with filling out the actual application (Common App and/or ApplyTexas) is included in the package.

We’ve helped hundreds of kids in the Houston area take charge of their own college destiny by crafting applications that showcase their individual awesomeness.  And we can help your child, too.

If you have questions, please call us at 713-405-1193 or send an email to