Date:March 31, 2012


The days of filling out a one-page form reporting your grades and test scores are gone.

There was a time when applying to college was a simple as filling out a one-page form reporting your grades and test scores.  If your numbers were good enough, you got in, and off to college you went.

In their place is a time-consuming, confusing, obfuscated process.  Students don’t just fill out a form – they put together a portfolio of essays, resumes, and recommendations that is supposed to present a compelling and cohesive picture of the impact they’ll make at their colleges of choice.  To say this is no small task is the understatement of the century.

As people who love kids and who know way more than anyone should really know about admissions, we just couldn’t stand to hear another depressing story about a Valedictorian with perfect test scores who got rejected.  And not just the valedictorians, but the aspiring engineers, humanitarians, comics, computer programmers, entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, designers, and plain all-around great kids out there who are getting squashed in today’s college admissions gauntlet.  We were determined to make a difference, and we did.

Through our College Application Crash Courses and One-on-One Premier Assistance, we’ve helped hundreds of kids take charge of their own college destiny by crafting applications that showcase their individual awesomeness.  And we can help your child, too.

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