How to Raise a Jojo: How We Parent

Our parenting strategy revolves around exposing Josephine to as many ideas, cultures, people, and possibilities as we can. We believe firmly in the value of children getting comfortable around adults, learning to have mature conversations at a young age, and developing the poise to talk to (harmless) strangers. We also think that cultural exploration and exotic adventures cultivate an accepting and eager character. 

Consequently, we bring many people of all ages in and out of Josephine’s life. We expect her to sit at a real, grownup dinner table with no technology besides a bag of Legos and a coloring book. Because our schedules are demanding, we don’t get to spend as much time with her as we’d like throughout the school year. We hired an amazing nanny when Josephine was born, and we credit Julie with furthering Josephine’s development. But we also seize opportunities to have immersive experiences with Josephine, so she can absorb as much of our beliefs, practices, and passions as possible.

For as much time as work and school will allow, we cart her all over the world. On those trips, we take her to museums and historical sites. We eat in all types of restaurants. We walk unfamiliar streets and play in new parks. In the process, we hope we’re giving Josephine an open mind. We hope we’re inspiring her to think big. 

Stay tuned for my next post where I talk all about Josephine’s experience in the most magical city on Earth, Rome!

Author: Jessica Givens.