College Application Resumes: Clearing Up the Confusion

It’s August and the applications are out! We hope everyone is making the most of the time before school starts to get ahead and get there materials in and applications submitted as early on as you can. One element of the application that can be a little confusing is the resume. THE RESUME IS SO IMPORTANT! So, here’s a post that goes over some resume-related information to keep you on track.

The biggest thing is: students have to fill out the entire ApplyTexas and/or Common App forms – INCLUDING the activities sections.

For ApplyTexas:
– Students have to check the box that says they will send in an expanded resume.
– They still have to fill in what they can in the form. DON’T LEAVE IT BLANK!

For schools like UT and Texas A&M, students will get emails from the schools confirming the receipt of their applications. Those emails will contain student ID numbers. Students should add those student ID numbers to their resumes, right under their birth date.

Students will then have to upload their resumes directly to the A&M and UT sites.

For other schools on ApplyTexas, students can either email their resumes to the undergraduate admissions office or mail a hard copy.

For Common App schools:
Some schools actually have the option on their supplements of letting students upload their resumes directly to the Common App. Most schools, including TCU, SMU, OU, do not. Instead, students need to email their resumes to the admissions offices. The email addresses for all of the schools can be found on the Common App under the university’s Contact Info.

Usually, students send something along the lines of the following email:

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Jessica Givens, and I am an applicant for Fall 2015 to TCU. I would like to share with you additional information about my activities and accomplishments in high school, so I have attached my resume for your review. I hope you will add the document to my file.

Thank you so much for your consideration.



So, that’s what you need to know! Your resume goes a long way toward telling the schools what you’re about, what your interests are, and how you align with the major you’re applying for. Make sure it receives the attention it deserves!