What are you doing this summer?

Summer is right around the corner. As high school students, or parents of high school students, now is the time to start thinking about productive ways to use the break. We’re all for some relaxation – but a summer job, volunteer position, or university summer program can be a huge help when it comes to college admissions time. We wanted to share some information about the different types of university programs for high school students to help you start planning.

  • For Credit: some programs actually enroll students in courses for college credit.
  • Not For Credit: these programs serve as previews into the possibilities of college. They allow students to relax and enjoy the experience of the college campus, as well as have a good time studying fun subject matter.
  • Free Programs to Qualified Candidates: some universities offer free summer opportunities for enrichment, understanding that the financial burden of most summer programs eliminates all but the wealthiest applicants. These programs are generally targeted toward minority students, including racial minorities and women.
  • Residential Programs: students stay on campus for the duration of the program. This can be intimidating but extremely rewarding as students can focus on their projects and bond with other participants.
  • Commuter Programs: many programs offer a commuter option for students who live nearby. These options can save money and it’s a good starter program.
  • Longer Programs (more than 3 weeks): these programs require a student to commit to multiple weeks on campus but they are great for students who are entering their junior or senior year and want to show dedication to a subject.
  • Shorter Programs (less than 3 weeks, sometimes as little as 1 day): very targeted and very specific programs focused more about giving information on one topic than giving exposure to college realities.

Within all these categories, the main point is to look for programs that actually interest you. There are more options than you can imagine – it may just take some time with Google to find the right program for you.

For more information on the types of programs listed above as well as some examples of subject-specific programs, think about purchasing the 2012 edition of our book, Get Your Summer Strategy On. It’s available on Amazon here.

Have you participated in any great summer programs that you’d like to share? Please comment below!