Condensed Crash Courses

The Condensed Crash Course

For dedicated, forward-thinking students 

If you’re motivated to finish your applications, and you want them to be flawless, the Condensed Crash Course may be perfect for you.

The Condensed Course requires participants to do some real work at home before the class even starts. We expect you to walk in prepared to hit the ground running, with a complete version of the Resume Builder and brainstormed essay topics. That’s not to say there won’t be some hand-holding – of course, there will be – but you will need to consider this a work week.**

How It Works

Before class starts, we mail you a packet, which contains your to-do materials. You will be given your Resume Builder login and password, and you will have the chance to go online and start filling out your record of activities and experiences. In the class, we will polish that resume and rearrange the formatting so that your particular strengths are highlighted effectively.

We also send you brainstorming materials for your three essays. You’ll need to talk to your friends and family to work up a bunch of different ideas. We’ll go over those topics with you in the class and help you whittle your way down to the perfect representation of your personal potential to contribute to a university’s entering freshman class.

What Happens During Class

Class is all about drafting, editing, and honing your written components. We will also take you through the applications themselves and craft the ideal responses to fill in every single blank. You will work in small groups with your peers and one-on-one with instructors. This is a think-tank environment that is geared towards everyone’s success, and in this focused setting, the harmony of the whole makes it greater than the sum of its parts.


Number of instructional hours – 25
Student:teacher ratio – 10:2 

Components completed –
3 long essays, plus one short
A perfect resume
Responses to applications

Dates, Locations, and Times for Summer 2014

July 14th – July 18th

July 21st – 25th

Classes will run from 10:00am until 3:00pm each day.

Locations will be announced shortly.


Cost – $1,995, a 50% initial deposit is required, plus balance due 30 days before start of class.


** If you prefer additional, at-home assistance, we can provide individual services at our hourly rate of $150. Furthermore, it is paramount that the student completes all of the assigned pre-work, attends every class in its entirety, as well as completes those instructed tasks – this is the only way we can guarantee that the work gets completed.