Thank you, congratulations, and seize the day!

This fall, we are sending students far and wide – from gap years in Costa Rica and Australia to college orientations at Vanderbilt and Notre Dame. In every case, the sendoffs are bittersweet; we’re proud and grateful to have had the opportunity, but also sad to see our friends leave. It’s that spirit of friendship that has inspired this post.

Thank you

Each student who comes our way enriches our lives. I’ve yet to forget a student’s name, face, or essay topic. You trusted us with your college applications, arguably the most important physical representation of your efforts and achievements this far in life. You opened up your hearts and minds to enable us to help you find your voice. Your parents believed in us and allowed us to harass you nonstop until you completed your applications. Thank you – those factors laid the groundwork for this year’s success.


It’s a big deal to head off to college or to make the decision to take a gap year. You’re growing into mature adults who can contribute to our society, and we’re so proud of your accomplishments. Congratulations on the initiative and commitment you’ve shown to reach this point – the world is your oyster.

Seize the day

If we can offer one piece of advice as you move onto the next step of your life, it’s this: Embrace your opportunities! Any time you get the chance to do something different or strange, do it. Join clubs, find internships, study abroad. Write for your college paper, start a blog, do research. College offers a volume of opportunities that no other segment in life can. Make the most of it. You will not regret it when it comes time to write the next résumé, the big one, the one that goes to potential employers or grad programs. Remember, life has no rewind button, so make the most of NOW.

Okay, so that’s it with our babbling. Keep in mind as you go off onto your happy trails that we’re here to support you as you go through school – editing papers, helping with course selections, and navigating the grad school gauntlet. Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going at Boston University, Wash U, UT, University of Kentucky, USC, American University, and Rice. If you want to keep up with us, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter! Now rest up, prepare, and go get ‘em!