Summer is Your Time to Shine!

Well, the school-year is almost over, and students in high schools all across America are wondering if there is anything left to be done.  You have been working hard, and your academic credentials are mighty shiny, but is there anything on your application that separates you from the other hard-working applicants?

Summer can be a great time to build up the more personal aspects of your college applications. Beyond stellar test scores, sometimes what makes the difference between you and another high-scoring, college-bound senior, is what you choose to do outside of the classroom.  Use this summer as a chance to show admissions boards that you are not just an excellent student, but a well-rounded individual as well.

Bulk up your application with work experience. Not only does a summer job show motivation and responsibility, but, depending on the kind of work you choose to do, it can also give colleges an idea of the kind of investment they are choosing to make with you.  Also, volunteering can be a worthy, beneficial way of displaying your sense of community, duty and involvement.

Throw yourself into your favorite projects and hobbies. Many personal hobbies are not only fun, but can help you develop and strengthen certain personal characteristics that many universities find desirable in new students.  Personal projects can also serve as great sources of experience and inspiration when writing personal essays.

Consider taking an extra class or two during the summer. A little bit of extra enthusiasm in the world of personal education can go a long way on an application.

Use the summer to visit your prospective colleges. Not only does visiting a campus provide you with an insight into campus life that you cannot get from a college’s marketing brochure, but your invested interest will be duly noted by the colleges visited.

Even though summer is a made for relaxing, especially in the face of some tough decisions in the fall, there is nothing that says that your free time cannot help you get a spot at the university of your choosing.

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