Conquering College Workshop

We are happy to share a new workshop with graduating seniors who will be starting college in the fall: Conquering College!

Graduation from high school is really just the beginning – and many students would benefit tremendously from some no-nonsense guidance as they head off to school. We have all heard stories of good kids veering off track during their freshman year but when armed with some common sense information and a couple of useful tools before they get there, we think we can help make a successful freshman year more likely.

We will cover things such as:
– the importance of keeping in programs admitted to
– why not to drop your major
– how to keep any testing/timing accommodations they may have
– how to use May/Jan terms effectively
– how to supplement your coursework with Community College classes
– web-based tools to manage workload
– and more!

This workshop is free to attend and will be held on Sunday, May 31st at 1:00pm at our office on West Gray.

1973 West Gray
Suite 117
Houston, TX 77019

Space is limited, so to reserve a spot, please send an email to