January Seminar: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Many seniors have spent the last few months in a state of panic, crossing their fingers and hoping that all they had done in high school will be “good enough” for their top choice school. And while all seniors will have their share of nerves as they await acceptance letters, some will be more confident than others that their dream school is well within reach. And these students all have one thing in common—they didn’t wait until it was too late. These students knew that it would take more than academic success and respectable standardized test scores in order to make it to a top university, and so they started preparing long before senior year.

If you’re anywhere between 7th and 11th grade, now is the time to start preparing for college admissions success. We are hosting a seminar in January that will help you do just that! This comprehensive session will cover a broad range of topics including the following: choosing appropriate and interesting classes, building a standout resume that makes sense to an admissions committee, finding leadership opportunities in unexpected places, and making summer count (summer: its not just for vacation anymore). You will also benefit from a detailed snapshot of each school year, outlining when and how to begin preparing for strong standardized test scores, when to start looking for teacher recommenders, when to make college visits that count, and more. Space is limited so please RSVP via an email to may@allinoneacademics.com to reserve a spot!

All-in-One Academics

Setting Yourself Up for Success

1973 West Gray Suite 17
Houston, TX
Saturday, January 24th
We hope to see you there!