Thoughts from an All-in-One Academics Crash Course Student

Summer will be here before you know it – and for juniors in high school, that means it’s time to get serious about planning for the college application process. One way to get ahead of the curve is to sign up for one of our College Application Crash Courses – an intensive week-long workshop intended to provide expert guidance to students as they complete the written components of their college applications – all before senior year even starts! But don’t take it from us – take it from a student who took part in one of our sessions last summer and is now finishing up senior year and preparing to head off to Philadelphia to join Penn’s class of 2017! The following is an excerpt from Julian answering questions about his experience last summer with instructors Jessica and Jamil.

– What did you think was the most helpful part of the crash course?

The most helpful part of the crash course was the help that we received with the infamous common app essays. They are simple questions, but such simplicity clutters the thoughts and responses of nervous applicants. Jessica and Jamil were able to guide us through the process, and when we did not know where to start, they helped us brainstorm ideas of what to write. Although many of us did go through several drafts and changes, we were able to produce admissions-worthy essays.

– Do you think your applications would have turned out differently if you were not part of a crash course? How?

If it weren’t for the crash course, I can see my application lacking strength and personality. My school, KIPP Houston High School, does a pretty good job informing us on the college process. However, it does not compare to the amount of help Jessica and Jamil provided us with. It definitely boosted my confidence level, and since many universities do not see you in person during the review process, the crash course was able to help me implement my personality, morals, and stories necessary for universities to know and understand.

– What would you tell a student who is thinking about taking a crash course next summer?

If I could give any advice, I would tell them to be prepared. In other words, the crash course had me working the entire day, and I would advise a prospective participant to be ready for all the hard work that Jessica and Jamil put you through. It is non-stop work with filling out the meticulous common app, and it’s even more strenuous working through revision after revision on the essays. In the end, however, it is definitely worth the hard work. When all your friends and stressing over the college process, you could sit back because you got it done and revised over the summer.

Thank you to Julian for providing us with information about his experience last summer and best of luck when you start at Penn in the fall! For more information about our Crash Courses, please click here.