Now Enrolling for Elite SAT/ACT Foundations Courses

While most other SAT and ACT courses require enrollment in separate courses for each test, the All-in-One Academics SAT/ACT Foundations Course prepares students for both exams.  You will have 8 sessions of 3 hours each:  the first five sessions will be spent preparing for the SAT, and the last three sessions will be devoted to the ACT.

All-in-One’s innovative course materials were written by All-in-One founders Jamil Driscoll and Jessica Givens, and Director of Test Preparation, Errolynn Zetar.  Drawing upon a combined 20 years of test preparation experience, the All-in-One team has created materials that are different and better than any others available in the market.  While other test preparation companies strive to capitalize on differences between the SAT and ACT to secure enrollments in two separate courses, our course materials guide students to successful test performances by illuminating the overlap between the two exams, seamlessly transitioning students from preparing for the SAT into the ACT.

All-in-One’s course is also special because our instructors are private tutors, who also happen to have classroom experience.  Our instructors know how to teach each students as an individual, so even in a class of 12 students, we can zero in on each student’s strengths and potential areas of improvement.

Enrollment is now available for summer and fall sessions.  For additional information and enrollment details, please visit our website: