What if you could start senior year with the bulk of your applications already complete?

Senior year can be a stressful time. What if there was something you could do with your free time during the summer that would help lessen the stress of your last year of high school? What if you could start senior year with the bulk of your applications, essays, and resume already complete? We have a solution to make that a reality!

We are now enrolling students for the All-in-One Academics College Application Crash Courses.

“Gone are the days of the one-page college application.  College-bound high school students must now devote hours and hours to draft and compile the many components of their college applications,” said All-in-One Academics founder and Get Your Summer Strategy On author Jessica Givens.  The All-in-One Academics summer College Application Crash Courses are the best way to get applications done – and done right.  This summer, we’ll be offering the courses in two formats, Condensed and Platinum:

During All-in-One’s Condensed Crash Courses students are guided through the process of writing their college resumes and three application essays.  The Condensed Crash Courses have a 10:1 student teacher ratio and include 20 hours of instructional time.  Dates are July 9-13 or July 16-20.

All-in-One’s Platinum Crash Courses provide a more intensive experience broken up into two modules based on application type and are limited to ten students per five-day, 30-hour, week-long session and have a 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio.  Parents and students benefit from individual college-choice consultations and up to ten hours of additional essay editing by All-in-One’s expert consultants.  Platinum Crash Courses are broken down into two modules, one targeting the Common Application, which is accepted by more than 400 colleges, and the other focused on the ApplyTexas Application, which is accepted by Texas universities.  Platinum Crash Course dates are July 30-August 3 for the Common Application and August 13-17 for ApplyTexas.  Students can also enroll in both modules for a substantial discount.

The courses will be held at The Houstonian Hotel,  111 N. Post Oak Lane, Houston, 77024. For additional information on the courses or to enroll now, please visit our website: http://allin1applications.com/summercrashcourse/

We’ll also be hosting an information session and reception on Sunday, April 29 at 2pm. We’ll get together to discuss the College Application Crash Courses and Jessica Givens will share her funny and informative presentation Five Secrets to College Admissions Gold. To RSVP, please send an email to may@allinoneacademics.com or call 713-405-1193. We hope to see you there!