A Productive Way to Spend the Summer: Studying Abroad in Athens, Greece

Obviously, we’re into summer activities; that’s why we wrote an entire book on the topic. But my favorite place to recommend is often Athens, to send a student to do archaeological work on an active dig. Well, in recent times, that suggestion has fallen on not only deaf, but often hostile ears, as clients and customers point to the riots in Greece, the uproar in the streets, and the oozing poverty of the region. We have decided to check it out for ourselves, so we can include a section about archaeological digs in our 2012 edition of Get Your Summer Strategy On!

From the moment we arrived in Athens, we got the feeling that the reports of violent discontent were grossly exaggerated. The airport ran smoothly; the plumbing functioned properly; and the taxi sped easily through busy streets. Yes, there is graffiti on the exterior walls of almost every building, but, guess what!, I think that’s probably been there since the beginning of time. Consider the fact that much of what we’ve learned about Roman culture has come from the etched graffiti at Pompeii. Graffiti can be part of culture, and Athens proves the point.

Ever since we arrived, we’ve walked the streets, eating the food and seeing the sights. And, there’s been no sign of unrest. As a matter of fact, the hotel workers laughed when I asked about riots closing the museums.

But don’t take a first impression as gospel. Follow us for a few days, and let’s see what we find!