Universities Aim for Applicability

Look out, applicants!

Colleges all across America are getting out their red markers, bent on making some drastic curricular changes.  With a growing demand to make higher education more competitive in the fields of mathematics and science, certain areas of the liberal arts, including philosophy, humanities, and yes, even some English concentrations, are feeling the repercussions.

Progressive programs aim to make college specializations more modern and applicable and less grounded in ancient wisdom.  When reviewing potential institutions, students need to look closely at what is currently offered, what is being phased out, and what is no longer available.  While it makes perfect sense for colleges to change their curriculum to match growing demands, it is also very important for college-bound seniors to be aware of these shifts.

True, college is a time for building the skills and collecting the tools needed to be successful in one’s career, but it is also a time of great personal growth.  It is important to make educated decisions about what wealth of information you choose to live and breathe for those golden years.

It is our job to find out where these trends are developing the fastest and to pass that information on to you.  All-in-One Applications can help you figure out which universities best match your goals, your personality and ultimately, your future.

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