College Admissions Interviews: Showing Universities the Real You

Unlike a job interview, the college admissions interview is not a pass or fail experience.  It is more like the first opportunity, in a line of many, to establish your personal relationship with your school of choice.

While you should not worry too much, it is important to note that your interview will serve as your first impression.  Staying calm and being prepared are the best things you an do to assure that your interveiw goes as well as possible.

The first step in preparation is organization.  Make sure you have with you all of the paperwork, such as resumes or other personal documents, that you may want to share with your interviewer.  Bring a notebook and something to write with; notetaking can be a great way of showing sincere interest.

Focus on the positive.  If there are any pot-holes in your other admissions documents, such as glaringly low grades or any less than ideal test scores, the interview can be the best opportunity to discuss those points.  The interview can provide you with the opportunity to discuss your perceived weaknesses and show how your positive characteristics will help you tackle the future.

Visualize your conversation.  Don’t be scared to practice what you are going to say with a close friend or family member.  Doing this can help you to better visualize the scenario and achieve a certain level of comfort before the big day.  Practice talking about your weaknesses and balancing them with your strengths.  Make a list of likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests.  Doing this can help you avoid the most debilitating facet of the interview: nervousness.

All-in-One Applications has a team of experienced admissions couselors who can help you plan for your interviews.  They know what kinds of questions are going to be asked and the best ways to fully and comprehensively prepare for these interviews.  They can coach you, step-by-step, through the preparation process, fostering the confidence that will make presenting yourself honestly and comfortably a whole lot easier.

Let us help you prepare!  Give All-in-One Applications a call at (713) 256-1004, or e-mail your questions about how to set up a session of professional interview coaching to