The Common Application Now Accepted at 25 New Schools

Good News in the World of Undergraduate College Admissions!!

The non-profit organization responsible for creating the Common Application for Undergraduate College Admissions is excited to report that 25 new institutions will begin accepting the application, beginning July 1, 2010.  Included in this new list are Columbia University and Jacobs University Bremen, the last Ivy League school and the first international institution, respectively, to adopt the application. 

 The Common Application membership association will now include 414 members ranging from large universities to small, private colleges and spanning the United States from coast to coast.  With the addition of these 25 new schools, the list of Common Application association members will now include an astounding 47 public institutions.

The adoption of the Common Application by more and more universities every year is fantastic!  The Common Application, developed with the guidance of the professionals at All-in-One Applications, can be a wonderful tool with which high school seniors can equip themselves as they prepare for the sometimes daunting task of undergraduate admissions.  The Common Application is designed to allow students to focus their time and energy on building a single, strong application centered around the most important element of the admissions process—the admissions essay.

At All-in-One Applications, we have developed the most streamlined, effective and personalized means of constructing strong, memorable, outstanding applications.  Call us today, and start your journey to higher education off on the right foot!