Exploration Workbook

Explore the process from a  revolutionary, hands-on angle.



The Exploration Workbook can be used as early as Sophomore year, giving students the tools to begin the college search process and helps students develop a vision of their path to the future. The exercises push students to take ownership of the process, requiring that they contact schools directly to ask questions and take the initiative to find their match.

The Workbook lessons are divided to give students every bit of information pertaining to any subject they wish to explore. Included within the exercises are salary and cost calculation exercises that push each student to think critically about their future beyond high school. The student’s investment in the process is what

separates this unique program from others. Each student is armed with the book so that they may begin their individual journey of discovery.

The program culminates with a comprehensive research section that incorporates all the information that the student has learned throughout the book, helping him or her make a sound, strategic, and confident decision about what college path they will take.


Exploration Exercise Workbook (Preview)

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