AP English Preparation Course

Are you taking AP English this semester? If so, this course is for you!

We are excited to announce a new AP English Language and Composition preparation course this Spring. It will be taught by our rock star English tutor, Joseph Rodd, and who better to tell you about it than him?

“My name is Joseph Rodd, and I am extremely excited to offer an AP English Language and Composition preparation course to current high school juniors and seniors through All-in-One Academics. Over a series of six lessons, including a full-length AP practice test, students will master every component of the AP exam to a level far beyond what would be achieved in class alone. And while their AP English scores rise, they will grow into more persuasive writers and a more critical thinkers – skills that will serve them for the rest of her lives.

 I can promise these results because of my experience and expertise with this specific test. A bit about me: after graduating magna cum laude from Rice University, I became a teacher at a low-income charter school in Houston where I taught – you guessed it – AP English Language. My students set a district record for passing the AP exam, and I am extremely proud of what they achieved. In my time there I scrutinized every detail of this exam, but more importantly I learned how to motivate and inspire high school juniors and seniors. I know that this course will work.”

All preparation materials that students will use during this course – including practice exams, essay prompts, and multiple-choice questions – will come directly from recent actual AP Language exams. Our instructor has permission to use these materials through the College Board.

Different schools in the Houston area handle preparation for the AP English exam differently – this class will benefit everyone, no matter what their school offers in the way of preparation and assistance. If you have any questions, you may call Joseph directly at 832-247-9270.

Course Outline and Schedule

Date Subject Description Hours
March 29th Introduction

Exam structure and strategy

Benchmark test

Students will meet me, discuss overall exam structure and strategy, and take a benchmark 2
April 5th Benchmark results

Rhetorical analysis essay

Multiple choice practice

In addition to MC practice, students will master the rhetorical analysis essay 2
April 12th Argument essay

Multiple choice practice

In addition to MC practice, students will master the argument essay 2
April 19th Synthesis essay

Multiple choice practice

In addition to MC practice, students will master the synthesis essay 2
May 3rd Full-length practice exam Students will sit for a complete three-hour practice AP exam 3
May 10th Study!! Students will examine results and target weaknesses during final review for the exam 2


Class will meet from 10:00am -12:00pm each week. The cost for this course is $350.

The AP English Language exam is Wednesday, May 13th! 

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